Well hi readers

Annyeong, seulras here. Well, actually thats just ma nickname here as an author, if you ask me abt ma real name…emh i think its not really an important thing to tell you rite.




“Why you use that nickname to be an author?” Maybe bcs ma korean name (not real) is Heera/Seulra then ma family name is Song. So i jst shorten that name to be seulras.


“Who’s ur bias?” Gahaha…I dunno, well…maybe Chanyeol or Kris or maybe Sehun. Arghh..Thats why i dont really like this question, next


“Whats ur fandom/s?” Im a multifandom, an exostan, a queen, a vip, an army, a carat, a monbebe.


“How old are ya?” I was born in 98s. So you can calculate ma age


“What’s ur favourite couple?” Thats!!!im a multishipper damn, can i jst say i love Jiyeon-EXO ??bcs i love Jiyeon-Sehun, Jiyeon-Chanyeol, Jiyeon-Baekhyun, Jiyeon-Kai, Jiyeon-Kris, all of them!!gahh >.<


“Who’s idol that you really hate them/she/he or just doesnt like them/she/he?” Well..pls dont be mad to me, maybe im a STAND (Strong Till All Nine Dissapear) /SAFER (SNSD Anti Fans for Eternity). But dont scared to me!!im a netral, i dont hate snsd but i dont like snsd too, can u understand what i mean?Well, skip!!


“Whats ur reaction after hear abt Kris leaving exo?” Im really hurt, i cried everynite!!and wish kris to go back with EXO. I love exo as 12


“How abt Baekhyun-Taeyeon? Whats ur reaction after hear that?” Well, im really dissapointed of him, the big problem is…im a baekyeonstan! Baekhyun-Jiyeon._.


“Whats ur hobby except writing fanfics?” Im really into dance, yeah cover dance, then i like drawing, and maybe breathing (?)lol


“Since when you write fanfics?” Maybe since im in 7th grade.




THATS ALL!!! Thanks for reading hihi


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9 thoughts on “seulras

  1. Hey!! ^^ can you update another Daehyun-Jiyeon fanfic?? :))
    Yours are really amazing!! I’d loved your fanfic about them♥

  2. Hi ! Aq baca profil mu tapi ga nemuin nama aslimu. Hehe…
    Aq juga ga suka SNSD..haha, kenapa ya ? No reason. Ga suka ya ga suka. Emang harus ada alasan. /ga penting banget/
    Makasih ya, atas komentar2 nya di epepku. Maaf baru sempat mampir.

  3. Hai numpang promosi ya ^.^

    Halo, kami dari Hong Jisoo Fanfiction Indonesia~

    Apa kalian suka dan mengidolakan SVT Joshua?
    Atau suka membuat fanfiksi dengan main cast SVT Joshua?

    Yuk mampir di blog kami yang baru berdiri ini 😀

    Kami juga masih butuh banyak author dan reader untuk meramaikan blog kami.
    Minat bergabung dengan kami? Langsung saja kunjungi

    Terima kasih ^_^

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